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Waterproofing is a term used in the industry for a competent of the “Building Envelope”.

Fireproof Contractors, Inc. has been installing waterproofing since 2006; including Below Grade Waterproofing, Fluid-Applied Waterproofing, Crystalline Waterproofing, Bentonite Waterproofing, Traffic Coatings, Water Repellents, Preformed and Non-Preformed Joint Sealants, Air/Moisture Barrier Systems, and All aspects of building & Site Sealants. With the advancements in technology, “Air/Moisture Barriers” have become a vital member to the integrity of a buildings structure. Air Barriers have a direct impact on a buildings long term investment by preventing Heat/Cold air loss therefore lowering the building HVAC/Electricity costs over the life of the building. As an ABAA Certified installer since 2009, Fireproof Contractors has the Industry Knowledge and qualified team members necessary to contribute to your next successful project.

• Waterproofing
• Dampproofing
• Site Caulking
• Tilt Wall Panel Caulking
• Water Repellants
• Below Grade Waterproofing
• Deck Coatings
• Traffic Coatings
• Window Caulking

• Floor Sealers

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