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Insulation has been around since recorded history, but it wasn’t until the invention of Fiberglass Insulation in the late 1930’s that the industry really began to take shape and become a valuable and affordable component to the Building Envelope.  Since 1991, Fireproof Contractors has been installing all forms of insulation including Fiberglass Batts, Rigid Insulation, Polyurethane Foam, Spray-Applied Cellulose & Fiberglass (Thermal & Acoustical).

With the ever-changing International Energy Conservation Code, so has the focus on thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is not simply stuffing a fiberglass batt between studs anymore, it can be a horizontal application of Spray-Applied Insulation or a vertical “Continuous Insulation” application of Rigid Board insulation or even a Vinyl-Faced Batt being retro-fitted into an existing building.  Our Spray-Applied Cellulose & Fiberglass Insulation applications can provide some of the highest NRC and STC as well.

Fireproof Contractors has been installing Insulation since 1991 and our team is up to date on the latest Energy Codes and our crews are properly trained to provide the best quality products & services to all of our customers.  

• Fiberglass
• Spray-applied cellulose systems
• Rigid Insulation
• Polyurethane Foam
• Simple Saver
• Wired Vinyl Insulation

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