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Firestopping is a term used in the industry that describes the UL Required component of a building’s “Passive Fire Protection system”.  Fireproof Contractors, Inc. have been installing Firestop solutions since 1991 including Penetrations, Head/Top of wall, Curtainwall, Smoke Seal and Protective Wraps.

Firestopping is vital role in Life Safety and one that is often overlooked since it is a “Passive” system; but in the event an “Active” system (Sprinkler systems) fails/malfunctions, a properly installed Firestop system will assure building occupants that there will be time to exit before gases, fire and smoke spread throughout the building.

Fireproof Contractors, Inc. has the industry knowledge and skilled installers to assist our customers in identifying the correct Firestop system needed that will become a part of the necessary Passive Fire Protection required in All buildings. 

• Head of Wall
• Wall to Wall
• Edge of Slab
• Curtain Wall
• Floor to Floor
• Cable Penetrations
• Pipe Penetrations
• Conduit Penetrations
• Switch and Receptacle Boxes
• Duct and Conduit Fire wrapping
• Residential Application

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